Price list: Interpretation

The interpretation pricelist includes approximate rates as each order requires an individualized quote depending upon the aim of the eventspecificity of terminologydate of servicelength of time in service, and venue location.

As a rule, interpretation services are settled using either block or daily rates.

*Hourly rates are applied for each hour over 4 (block) or 8 (day) hours of work on a given day.

Work time starts at an agreed upon hour, at which time the interpreter comes to the event and is at the disposal of the ordering party. Work time ends upon being released from all given duties. The time involves any breaks resulting from the course of the event.

If the event takes place a considerable distance from the interpreter’s place of residence, accommodation costs should be borne by the ordering party.

All prices listed below are GROSS rates.

(4 hours)
(8 hours)
PLN 150 PLN 500-700 PLN 1000-1400

NOTE: As a translator and interpreter, I am obliged to maintain client confidentiality. Any information contained in the event materials as well as the content of the event itself is strictly confidential and is never disclosed without the client’s prior consent.



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